The One-Minute Rituals that keep your Home Stunningly Clean All the Time

Frankly said, you want a clean house. Everybody wants a clean house, that’s for sure. But when it comes time for the real and actual work, you lose desire and simply want to spend the afternoon on the sofa, eating pizza and watching TV, drinking coffee and reading book. The cleaning is no one’s favourite activity. It is boring and exhausting and tiring. It leaves you unsatisfied and grumpy and you mourn over the time you could otherwise spend outside, but you spent on your knees in the bathroom scrubbing those hard water stains that left you out of breath. Femme-de-menageThe reality is harsh and sometime the life of an adult sucks. Nothing is as careless as it was, when these duties were your parents’ ones. But instead of complaining some more time, you better try keeping your house clean all the time. And no, my dears, this is not the harder option, it is the easier one. Because if your house is in a pretty nice condition, you will need a minimum amount of effort to perfect it and make it shine. And because anything in life could be made easier and the simplicity is the answer of all questions, here are the one-minute rituals that could maintain your house.

The dishes

Never leave that till tomorrow, which you can do today. Never leave the dirty dishes for tomorrow, never ever leave them for a little bit later, as well. You will need only a minute to put them in a dishwasher and your kitchen will be then in a wonderful condition, not covered with piles of glasses and plates.

The dust

Take a microfiber cloth and while you are making a coffee in the morning, remove the dust in the kitchen. Then while your kids are putting their shoes on, remove the dust in the hallway. The dusting is the perfect multitasking activity, because you simply need nothing more than just a microfiber cloth. You are watching your favourite series, why don’t you remove the dust, during the commercials time.

The bathroom sink

You are brushing your teeth and doing your makeup and I bet that those two together are taking you a lot more than just a minute. So you won’t lose anything if at the end you take a detergent and a rug and clean that sink in the bathroom, where in addition to the dirt and dust, tooth paste and makeup traces stains could be found.

The shower

Every time you are getting a reviving shower after a long and tiring day at work or at home or elsewhere, you can spend some a minute going through the entire bathroom and cleaning the shower itself. It’s an easy-peasy task, I promise.

The clothes

You are coming back from work and you are leaving your clothes on the sofa, on a chair, on the bed or on the floor, anywhere, but not in the wardrobe. A how much easier would it be if you just put them where they belong.

You want a clean home, be at home or the value of being present

You watch movies and commercials, you pass by billboards with homes and people happy as hell, you go to your parents’ house or to your friend’s one and they all look so nice, clean, organized. Then the most logical thing you may ask yourself is, how could they do that? How is that even possible? Too often you take into consideration some facts that seem to be pretty relevant and of great importance. You wake up every day, you make a cup of coffee and gomop-29561_960_720 to work, you come back late, completely exhausted, you order a take away for dinner, eat it on the couch or on the floor and somehow try making your way to the bed, where you could finally rest.
Being a work-oholic is indeed only one of the possible scenarios. Do you have kid? Or you have several? How old are they? Toddlers? Do you have some free time? Do you have a minute to stop and look around? I doubt. But right here is hidden the secret of the always perfectly looking home? The time you actually spend there, cleaning and maintaining it. And it is hard, when you have a time-consuming and challenging job, when you work at home as well, when you need to travel often and even the weekends are no all for yourself. It’s hard and without being present, very logically you have a dirty, messy and unorganized home. But once you know the reason, you should just find the most appropriate solution.


Spend some time cleaning during the holiday

I know that you want to devote this whole time for leisure, for a relaxing SPA trip or for a nice adventure. You want to sleep till late, to have brunch in bed, you have dreamed of so many but cleaning. However, if you have no time in the everydayness, you shall find some in the weekends or in the holidays, no matter how disgusting and unpleasant this sounds. You should make some kind of sacrifice in order to have that lovely home you crave for.

Hire professionals

Ok, there is no way for you to spend all that free time cleaning, because, for God sake, this will make your whole existence on planet Earth the hell itself. in fact, this is not making you lazy or careless, you simply value the

other things you may be doing in your free time more than the cleaning. And this is more than understandable for almost every human-being. Luckily nowadays different cleaning agencies and teams are on your side and you can rely on them for almost every kind of cleaning. Just spend some time making a research and find out which team will be the perfect one for your needs. And I bet that one of the best London’s cleaners may offer miracles for you. Trust them and arrange an appointment. Thus all your problems will be solved and your life would be a paradise.

Make Wiser Flat Cleaning Decisions

Our entire life is determined by the decisions we make. Who to play with and what to play? To do this homework or to go watching this new movie in the cinema? To study more and go in a better high school or to stay in the public one? And what about college and university? To go out tonight or to stay home and study? To cheat on this test and risk the entire year of classes or to be honest and fail? To work in the summer or take a rest?tea-towels-1424776_960_720

To buy a new car or to go travelling for a month? To marry this person who seems the best match and is someone you love or not? To make a career or to stay at home and make a family and maintain the house? To buy the house and take a loan or to live in homes for rent this whole life? Questions and questions that lead to choices and decisions. From what we want to have for dinner to how we want to spend our lives, our life is full of decisions. And cleaning makes no exception. As everything in life the good flat cleaning that leads to magnificent results is a matter of right decisions. And as we have been told a thousand times that the informed choices are the best ones, you better know how to be wise when planning your clean-ups.

The Habbits

The key to a good looking, always clean and well-maintained house is you being consistent. No matter how skillful you are and how patient you are scrubbing and polishing every part of your house, if you are doing it not often enough, but just once in a while, you will achieve nothing. Cleaning is not one of those things you do your best for once and forget it for the rest of your life. Your flat requires frequent maintenance and it requires nice and efficient cleaning habits from you and the people you are living with. Make no compromises and always acquire those habits that bring the best final results.

The Help

We live in an era when we have no free time and we are busier than ever. That is why no matter how much we want to maintain our houses in the best way possible, we could have no chance. Luckily, there is someone who can help us. And it is not a single person. Many cleaning teams these days are working in every single part of London offering high quality and delivering clean-ups that will live you out of breath. Be wise and when you feel lost in the many tasks you need to take care of, arrange an appointment with one of those teams and get your house perfectly cleaned in a couple of hours.

The money

Be rational. The cheaper detergent is less effective. The more expensive vacuum-cleaner is more powerful and will help you clean faster. The efficient cleaning services are worth every penny.

Are the After Tenancy Cleaning Prices Reasonable?

Whenever we are about to buy something, whether it will be a dress, a book, a new laptop, a new sofa, or a new house, we are asking ourselves one and the same question: is it indeed worthy? Is the price for the plane ticket reasonable and isn’t this house too expensive for the place it is situated in? Do I like this dress that much and can’t I wait until it is on sale and lot cheaper? The questions are always the same, while the perspectives are different. And when we are about to move out and change places, we start looking for an end of tenancy cleaning team that will guarantee us an inspection pass. Then one more time we wonder, are the prices of those services indeed worth it and which is the more rational choice: to clean or to hire for cleaning?


Be wise and think carefully. 

Consider all the costs of a self-performed cleaning. You will need cleaning products, effective and strong, expert and of high quality. These detergents are not the cheapest, but are the only ones that would bring you any kind of success. You will need cleaning tools, as well: mops, cloths, microfiber ones and traditional ones, gloves, dusters and buckets. And if you don’t have all of these, and I doubt that you could possess such an arsenal, you will need to spend for these, as well. And last but not least is your time, your free time, your most scarce resource. This you can evaluate by yourself. Is it worth it to spend days cleaning instead of spending this valuable time in a better way? Consider all these and you will realize by yourself. It is more than worthy. It is the best choice.

Traditional Clean or Professional Clean?

This dilemma is eternal. As long as we live in flats and houses and as soon as we would like to maintain them in perfect condition, we will clean by ourselves and we would also hire professional cleaners from time to time. But where is the balance? When should we trust the experts, the skillful and experienced professionals, and when we should cope with it by ourselves. And as there is need for both traditional and professional clean, here is how you should find out when, what and why.


The Traditional Clean

This one might become a habit of yours. You need to maintain your house as you go – to put your stuff where they belong, to try making less dirt, to cope with every cleaning problem on the instant and not to procrastinate. Those things that seem so random need to be habits. Then they wouldn’t be neither annoying nor unpleasant.6844240781_ca77541ccd_bWeekly or biweekly you need to perform a slightly deeper clean-up. Vacuum, dust, change the bed sheets, wash the windows, clean the bathroom and the kitchen. These activities form a cleaning routine everyone needs to have and stick to.

The Professional Clean

This one is not the daily and weekly clean-up. However, every house and flat, rented or not, every home requires frequent professional clean-up. Every oven needs to be cleaned perfectly every once in a while. And you, as an unprofessional, are unfortunately unable to do this alone. That is why the oven clean-up and the carpet one are among the most often chosen cleaning services. At least once a year you better trust the experts for a full house cleaning. This may be the spring one or just a random one. Spend more money for the best of your house and you will be totally satisfied.